Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Holding Hands Under the Blankets

 When we bought our king sized bed so many years ago I only thought of me and having space to sleep. The time has passed so fast and the space in that bed has encompassed so much.  Between us there have been cats and dogs, sick kids, well kids, piles of laundry, discarded magazines and iPads and TV remotes. No matter what ended up there between us there is always enough space, in the dark, for our hands to find each other and our fingers to intertwine.  There have been other things between us too. Unkind words, selfishness and hurt feelings to name a few. But again our hearts always manage to move through that tight angry space and find each other. Still all these years later no space is too small and no pile of laundry too high for us to remember where we have belonged all along. Together. 

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