Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Open Auditions

We all have our favorite TV shows we like to tune into every week or watch in re-runs for years after they end. We find characters we identify with or ones that make us laugh or cry. Those characters become embossed in our minds. They become real to us. When we see that same actor in a different role it is impossible to take them seriously. As much as you try and picture them as the new character the other, old one keeps surfacing. Forever typecast.

Much like real life. When you meet someone and get to know them they become a certain character in your story. They fit into a mold in your head. When you see them or their name is mentioned a certain feeling comes to mind. It is like they fill a "job" in your life. Maybe they become your comic relief or they are a good listener or fun to go out with. Typecast. The hard part is when they break that mold and start to resemble a new character. We look at them and see the old role. The part they played before. No matter how many auditions they do we just can't fathom that they could fill any new part in our lives.

But what if we opened our minds? We might really like the new character. We might love the new show. We might enjoy their new role in our story.

Friday, April 15, 2011


I took an axe and split my soapbox in two. I have decided that standing up there ranting on about what I think is silly. First of all I am not an expert on anything. Second I think a lot of what I say can certainly be thrown back at me as being hypocritical. I try to practice what I preach I really do but I am human and that often means reactions change with time and experience. I may have said I would never let my kids have a cell phone before high school and that I would never be that mom that said "because I say so." Guess What? My 12 year old has a cell phone. I say "because I say so" all the time. The plan we have in our head doesn't always stay true to itself. Which is fine if I am not up spouting off to others about my convictions. I think putting too many stipulations on ourselves generally causes us to become liars. I hear so many moms out there saying "I don't let my kids watch T "or "we don't eat sugar" or " I am homeschooling because it is the best education my kids can get". These are such broad statements that often end up making them have to recant.

Getting up on that box and talking about how you want to live your own life is only part of the issue. The other part is that by doing that it ends up pointing out other people's faults or weaknesses immediately and as obtrusively as a well manicured finger shoved in your face. It makes them want to find the cracks in your theory. You start to be put under the microscope and called on your own words. That special treat of sugary ice cream just this once becomes a thorn in the word never. Never is too big a word and a very very long time. When those stones hit your own house it will shatter and the glass is pretty sharp. I certainly would not want to have to backpedal across it...

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

The Mud Has Been Slung

So Spring has sprung around here. Sure the birds are singing perky little songs before the sun comes all the way up. Yes flowers are beginning to tentatively poke their heads out of the soft newly green grass. It doesn't get dark until after 8:30 and there is even a rain tinged breeze whispering through the newly opened windows. All those things are true yet that is not what I am talking about. I am talking about the sudden onset of multiple activities. Concerts and soccer and plays OH my. I am talking about the muddy ground that is partially still outside but mostly inside on my floor and on my kid's suddenly too short pants and too tight shoes. I am talking about the scramble to set up entertainment for the summer before it is too late. I am talking about the sudden need to yell at the kids to be quiet because the windows are open and the neighbors can hear the screeching and screaming that was so nicely hidden during the winter. I am talking about the 100's of geese that have made themselves at home in the neighborhood. You know the big ones from Canada that like to use my car as their bathroom. Ah yes spring in Ohio.. it has sprung. That line between love and hate is so close together I can hardly tell the difference.

Monday, April 4, 2011

I Take it ALL Back

So I have decided to just come out and admit I am wrong.
I am taking it all back. The
advice, the teaching, the modeling, the punishments. All of it back. Who cares that I am 39 years old and a former teacher and their MOTHER. I am obviously incorrect. My children tell me every day. They argue with every word that comes out of my mouth. Lets face the truth...I do not know best.

Maybe reverse psychology will work?

Never ever clean up after yourself. Just let it all pile up and who cares when you have absolutely no clean underware and have to turn some inside out?? Don't worry! No one will know and if you get in an accident and have to go to the hospital with dirty undies and holey socks.

Stay up all night. No really ALL night. It won't matter when your alarm goes off at 6:30. You will be able to drag yourself out of bed and make your breakfast and straighten your hair and be out the door with NO sleep. You ARE right...I am mean when I say 10pm is when you should be in bed lights out..that is just way to early for a 12 year old!

When I tell you it is going to snow and be cold IGNORE me. I am wrong way more then the weather man. Go ahead wear flip flops and a skirt. OH and be sure to leave your jacket in a pile on the floor. You won't get cold.

Packing three different forms of fruit snacks is a perfectly acceptable lunch especially if you add in some chocolate milk and maybe a cookie. That will keep you full all day and I know it will make you ace that spelling test you have in the afternoon.

OH sure let me shell out 80$ for those awesome shoes you want. I mean it isn't like you are going to grow out of them in the next few months or anything. HEY maybe I should add in a new purse and a pair of designer sunglasses while I am at it. YOU know I am made of money and think it will make you a better person if I give you every single thing you desire in life.

Is that outfit clean?? oh I forgot to go in your room and dig through all the piles to find the dirty clothes and then wash them so they were prepared for you this morning. I am so sorry.. will you ever forgive me for being so careless?? Oh and don't worry that there is a dried mustard stain on that shirt...we can just toss it and buy a new one. As a matter of fact let me run out and do that today because as you like to inform me I have absolutely NOTHING going on.

HER mom pays for A's on report cards?? OH WELL what a fabulous idea...let me give you 10$ for each A...oh and HER mom goes to get ice cream?? well lets do that as well...and HIS mom lets him get a new Wii game...how fabulous!

I would LOVE to paint your nails at 9pm! YES let me braid your hair too... AND study for that spelling test...I am certainly NOT in the middle of a show and who cares that I asked you hours ago if you needed help with anything. At your beck and call my sweet angels!

Whats that you say?? You don't feel like playing in the soccer game today?? It is too cold? OH OK you stay in bed while your dad goes to the game and coaches it...I wouldn't want you to have to run or kick the ball especially when you are so delicate and all....I mean wrestling with your sister and jumping from couch to couch should be enough exercise for you today.