Sunday, October 4, 2009

Mending a Broken Heart

The other day my nephew and my five year old were playing upstairs. Suddenly my nephew came running down in sheer panic. He told me that they had been playing Dr and that they were trying to fix his broken heart. He lifted his shirt and showed me his chest and it was covered with a barrage of band aids. He thought the band aids were super glued on and would never come off. I quickly tore them off and his crying slowed but the whole incident really made me think. How easy would it be if a broken heart really could be mended by an outer force like a band aid? Or a kind word? Or maybe a hug? The thing I have learned about broken hearts is that the only person who can truly mend them is the one who owns the hurt. Sometimes it takes soul searching and time to get through the pain. Sometimes it takes wallowing through self pity and grief to get there. Even when the heart is mended though it is still really tender and not quite as strong as it was before. An important thing to remember is that a broken heart is still a beating heart. No matter how much it hurts and how much despair you feel you have to keep living. You have to move past the hurt to a future no matter how painful it is to get there.


Suzanne said...

Some days, living with a broken heart is more painful than any physical pain I've ever experienced.

Patty said...

The hardest part of having a broken heart is to wake up and to give up. Having heartache for me is actually the weirdest feeling I've ever felt in my entire life. And to deal with this feeling, I've been through some Thetahealing therapy and true enough, Theta healing meditation worked a lot for me making me feel a lighter.