Friday, April 20, 2012

Static Cling

Twenty-four years is a long time. It is hard to remember back that far. But I do because it is important. Pivotal even. It was that day the threads of my life began to wind together. Only weeks after meeting we made a juvenile commitment that can only be created in the minds of two 15 year olds. As young as we were and simple as that first love was it was the basis for where we are today. Through the years we haven't wavered on what we are to one another. Some days seem hard and some days seem easy but the most important thing is that we believe. Even when it is isn't easy. We have faith in the promises we made to be together. Whether it is a promise we made in front of a church beneath a veil or a promise whispered between just us. We know now that those blanket statements "for richer and poorer" and "in sickness and health" do not describe hypothetical situations but future reality.

We advocate for each other as if it is second nature. Protecting and defending you is who I am. Unspoken support is what we have. I can't imagine a better dad for our three girls. They see in you what I hope they strive to be. Your constant devotion to me has spilled over to them. Somewhere between laughter
and tears we find a happy medium built on compromise and flexibility.

Twenty four years really is a long time. But it isn't forever. Forever is where I hope I am heading with you.

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Rumor has it....

Sushi is actually edible if you slather enough soy sauce and wasabi on it.

Kids can and do form their own political views despite what you say to them.

Wearing high heels on the same day as running 14 miles is hobbling.

Chocolate really can make your day climb out of the toilet.

The sun still rises even on the darkest day.

Being a bargain shopper is great except when it comes to hair products and shoes.

It is ok to admit to reading a book labeled erotica if it is also called mommy porn and passed around in MOPS.

No matter how much you speculate or plan or consult the experts for how a child will react to something it always ends up going another way.

Love and marriage do NOT always go together like a horse and carriage.

When you need a hair tie or a bobby pin you can't find one to same your life but if are sweeping the floor you will find 5. The vacuum will find 10.

When you ask me what is for dinner and I say NO idea that probably means mac and cheese or peanut butter and jelly. It doesn't mean Chipotle or Wendy's.

Attending church doesn't make you a better person than someone that doesn't but if you go to church and embrace the message you already know that.

Fat cats are funny any way you look at it especially from behind.