Saturday, October 20, 2012

A Long Long Way

26.2 miles is a long way. This is a little peek into what we might talk about at each mile along the way.

1: How life changing and exciting it is to be running a marathon.

2: Teenagers. Myth vs. reality. Good vs. evil.

3: Fat cats are way cooler than thin cats.

4: How fantastic 80's movies are.

5: Plastic surgery. Yes? No? Maybe so?

6: Cute shoes.

7: How to hide annoying people on Face Book.

8: The validity of underwear.

9: MEN

10: Washed up pop stars, over the hill actors and Lindsay Lohan.

11: Donuts, cinnamon rolls, pumpkin bars, tacos, wine, Whine, and more wine.

12: Ladies of a certain age should NOT "Love Pink".

13: Water.

14: The absurdity of running a marathon for fun.

15: Sweat.

16: Starbucks.

17: First kisses.

18: How proud we are to be running 26.2 miles.

19: Sore feet.

20: Drinking games.

21: Blisters.

22: Did that guys really just pee under that bridge?

23: What kind of dumb ass puts a hill at mile 23 of a marathon?

24: Who the hell talked me into running this thing anyway?

25: Ouch.

26: Left,right,left,right.

.2: I think I am seeing that the finish line? PLEASE let it be the finish line!