Sunday, November 18, 2012


Lets face it, no one likes much of what they see when they look in a mirror. I am looking now and can tell you I need some frizz ease and under eye concealer and my shirt is holey and stretched and may or may not have been 
worn to sleep in last night.

I don't like it, not even a little. But when I keep looking. Really hard. Looking deeper...past those cosmetic things ...I see some things I do like.

I care. I feel empathy and love for others. I am loyal.  I believe in truth and justice for all people.  Not just some but all. I feel pride that I am modeling these qualities for 3 beings that I brought into this world. 

If I fell into a deep infinite coma or was kidnapped by goblins I know people would remember the important things. No one would remember the state of my hair or the extra roll on my thigh. They also wouldn't care what kind of car I drove or if my house was dusty or whether my kids socks matched every single day.

They would  remember what kind of person I was on the inside. They would remember how I made them feel. They would

remember the deeper me.

When you stand and look in that mirror past all those superficial things do you like what you see?