Friday, August 10, 2012

Listening to My Inner Self

It always comes back to faith. So many people struggle with trying to place religious faith in the middle of battles of good and evil. Politics and love and marriage with religion sandwiched  somewhere in between.  To me being faithful isn't about being in a church or reading the book. It lives inside. In our hearts and souls. It isn't driven by trying to change others but about learning to trust in ourselves. It certainly isn't about wanting to sling hate or place sanctions on who people choose to love. How can someone have faith in hate?

Much of life seems disconnected and unexplainable. We search for why things happen in our lives...both good and bad. To be honest there are usually no clear cut answers. No proof. As much as we want them and need them and let's be totally honest sometimes we demand them. Moving forward involves having faith that it will all add up in the end. Faith that being a good person matters. Faith that the path to happy is winding and sometimes stone covered. The hard part is leaving those stones on the ground where they belong. Of course it would be easier to scoop them up and throw them as hard as possible. But faith isn't always easy and our houses are all made of glass.